Your Warranty

Included with all vehicles is a comprehensive 6 month Warranty. To give you peace of mind NCK Motors Limited promises to repair or replace any covered component which suffers mechanical or electrical failure. As a customer you have legal rights under statute when a problem arises and this warranty does not limit those rights. Guidance and further information on your statutory rights may be obtained from your local Trading Standards Office or CAB.

How to make a claim

1. Ensure you have satisfied all the requirements of the warranty.
2. Contact NCK Motors Limited, explain the problem and follow any instructions given.
3. NCK Motors Limited accepts no liability for the cost of any dismantling save that if, and only if, a valid claim is established the cost of the dismantling will form part of the claim for the failed part and the total cost of dismantling and part will be subject to any claim limit.
4. Where the cost of repair/dismantling exceeds any claim limit then the customer is liable to pay the excess.

In the event of a claim being made ALWAYS contact NCK Motors Limited in the first instance.